Tall Taylor & Portfolio

Tall Taylor Multimedia Project

Melissa Korolewicz’s Portfolio


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Lansing Blood Drive

Lansing Blood Drive Multimedia Project

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Standing Tall


My final project will show the life of a six foot eleven inch tall man. I will show how his day to day life is different than others. I will show him at work and at home. I will show his relationships with his friends and girlfriend. I will show how his life is the same and different from you and I.  


My subject is Taylor Bouman. He is nearly seven feet tall and lives with two roommates in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Bouman grew up in this area. He currently works at Auto Owners Insurance, as a software developer, in Lansing, Michigan. He also has a girlfriend, Elise Gray. 


I will take photos and video at different locations, such as his home and his work. I want to show the relationships between him and the people he interacts with, such as coworkers, friends, and his girlfriend. I will create diptics of the comparison of his roommate standing in a doorway, and then Bouman doing the same in the same doorway. This will show the difference in height. 


My main subject is Taylor Bouman. He is a six foot eleven inch man who works in Lansing and lives in Grand Rapids. I want to show how he lives his everyday life and his struggles that go along with it.


I will interview Bouman about his everyday life with being tall and his struggles that go with it. I could also interview his roommates or girlfriend .


I plan to show how he lives at home, how he interacts with people, how he is at work, and outside of all those places. I hope to record him shopping at a store of some kind. I would also like to show the reactions he receives from people he passes by.


I plan to visit his work or home once a week to complete this project.


I hope people can watch this video to see how someone talk lives. I believe this video will be able to replace to other tall people and non-tall people alike.

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November 6, 2013 · 3:22 pm

Halloween Costume Timeline

Halloween Costumes of the Last 20 Years

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Out Group Multimedia Project

CMU Homecoming 2013

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October 23, 2013 · 10:22 am

Oktoberfest in Old Town Lansing

Old Town’s Oktoberfest has been put on for the past eight consecutive years. It is a German style event, where people can enjoy beer, authentic style food, and live entertainment. This particular Oktoberfest is a fundraiser to help revitalize Old Town, a small district of downtown Lansing. All of the proceeds go directly to beautifying the streets of the area. This is Mid-Michigan’s only German Oktoberfest event. It ran from Friday, October 4 until Saturday, October 5, 2013.

The event cost twenty dollars per person. This included entry for the two days, three drink tickets, and a twelve-ounce glass beer mug with “Old Town Oktoberfest” written on the side. Beer could only be put in these glasses. If a glass happens to break, a replacement could be bought for five dollars if proof is given (like a handle). They offered many different types of beer, which consisted of Oktoberfest style beers and a variety of hard ciders. The hard ciders were from a local cider mill, Uncle John’s.

The event hosted many different local bands. One band they hosted was The Happy Wanderers. They are an authentic German polka group. They provided the entertainment during the afternoon. Another of these was All American Funk Parade. They are a four-piece band, consisting of drums, guitar, bass guitar, and a saxophonist/singer. They performed during the night, when there was more of a party atmosphere.

The guests and volunteers of Oktoberfest seemed to enjoy the event. During the day, it was relaxing and fun. During the night, it was loud and packed full of people. The community of Old Town plans to put on Oktoberfest for years to come.


October 9, 2013 · 10:15 am